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Screens and Sleep


Blue screen lights on phones and other electronic devices can hinder sleep patterns. Below are some of the articles about this issue and also some apps I’ve found to help counteract it.

Power Down for Better Sleep – Web Md

Blue Light from Electronics Disturbs Sleep Especially for Teenagers – Washington Post

iPads, Tablets and Smart Phones Disrupt Good Sleep, Study Finds – Washington Post

Does Blue Light Ruin Sleep? We ask an Expert – Digital Trends

Reading Before Bed – Huffington Post

Reduce Eye Strain and Get Better Sleep by Using F.lux on your Computer – How to Geek

8 Ways to Use Your Gadgets at Night and Still Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Fast Company

To Blue Light Filter Apps Help to Help Sleep Better – Taimeopt

The Eerie Blue Glow of Sleep Deprivation – Slumberwise


  • Twilight for Android
  • EazyEyez for Android
  • Night Filter for Android
  • F.lux for Apple Product but Jailbreak is needed
  • Zzz for iPHone/Cost for app
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