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Optimized-Awesome-Mix-790x474Guardians of the Galaxy has brought back into focus the traditional mixed tape.

Blank  cassettes were a way to record radio songs without paying for them. I did this all through my teenage years as I didn’t own much music of my own. Mixed tapes were also a way to collect a variety of songs in a perfect mix of love, pain or just favorite bands. Mixed ‘tapes’ also survived in CD form as well. Still portable with the same intention. When mp3 players were born, mixed tapes became song lists/ These are free or through purchase or subscription and they live on like cassettes and cds forever in the ether and our hard drives.32103045-2-440-palm-2

The overall premise of mixing and matching a collection of songs can have different affects on the listener. The main thing is that they are familiar and often we can sing straight through the mix, especially after repeated listening. Lyrics, melodies…chorus or solo, it’s a great way to pass time in a car, do boring stuff at work or to just chill.

It is said that singing 10 minutes a day or more can improve mood, alleviate stress, and distract the mind from worries. (See articles below)

When you’re singing, it’s almost impossible to think about other things—the challenges of daily life, for example. You’re focused specifically on what you are doing. Being fully in the present moment allows us welcome distraction from other thoughts, issues, or burdens. Singing brings respite and refocus. — From Psychology Today

Singing lowers stress levels: Making music in any form is relaxing. Singing releases stored muscle tension and decreases the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol in your blood stream. — from Take Lessons

Singing can improve your mood. When we sing our brain releases endorphins which in turn can alleviate depression — Musical Bridges

I realized about a year ago after a bout of depression that my current my mix tape galaxysoundtrack-inlinecollection was toxic. It was dangerous. I related too much to the sadness of the words and melodies. Listening to it sucked me down into a vortex of black and gray. This list has been deleted. Here are some of the songs. While one at a time are ok, a long list is not. I do ban myself entirely from Breathe Me. I can’t listen to that even when I am happy without having flashbacks to the dark times.

  • The High Road/Broken Bells
  • Dead American Writers/Tired Pony
  • Black Hole Sun/Soundgarden
  • Canvas/Imogen Heap
  • Breath Me/Sia
  • My Immortal/Evanescence
  • Hurt/Johnny Cash

My new mixed tape works on mood as a central theme and refreshes as I hear new stuff on he radio and purchase it through my music service. pTRU1-25414123enh-z6

  • Clint Eastwood/Gorillaz
  • Radioactive/Imagine Dragons
  • Can’t Sleep/KFlay
  • Renegades/X Ambassadors
  • White Rabbit/Emilina Torrini
  • Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites/Skrillex
  • Sweet Dreams/Emily Browning
  • Lovesong/The Cure
  • Happy/Pharrell Williams
  • All I Ask of You/Skrillex
  • Cinema/Benn Benassi
  • Rise Up/Infected Mushroom

guardians-galaxy-vol.-2-baby-grootSo create a new collection of songs or pull out an old favorite set. Sing along with your favorites each day. Sing by yourself in a car or shower. Sing in a choir. Sing as if your life depended on it.





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