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snorting juicy fruit gum

img-thingAbout a week and a half ago, Stan and I decided to begin the task of changing our diets. We eat way too much junk. We are not healthy.  We needed to do something to reverse the sugar shacks we have become.

It takes a shit ton of planning and money to eat healthy. On top of all the preparation of foods to take place of ‘convenience eating’ is the actual act of eating healthy.  I know from all the years of dieting, the first few days SUCK ASS.  And, they did. But by the end of the week, we were ok. We could see the difference in how we felt and were willing to keep it up.

fruit-stripe-gumThis week started better, thankfully. We had our shit together and did more prep work Sunday. We are trying new things to stay away from refined sugar and processed frozen/boxed foods. This may actually work. I’ve dieted alone unsuccessfully, but with Stan as an accountable partner in crime, there is hope.

Yet the siren song of fake sugar calls from my desk at work. A leftover container of sugarless Juicy Fruit gum stares at me with the word ‘Sweet’ atop its plastic container.  Juicy Fruit (and Fruit Stripe) gum are the stuff of my childhood. Fruity sugary goodness.  These share memories with Slow Pokes, Sugar Babies and Pixy Stix. It triggers flashbacks to summers spent in still-damp swim suits, sun burns and constantly drying hair.  Yes, I often chew/eat/consume my childhood memories, sadly.

20160412_112140_HDRIt’s hard to throw away the 9 pieces of gum left in that container. So, I secretly snort the sweet scent of childhood …wishing for days when arguing bedtime seemed to most important thing in the world.









4 comments on “snorting juicy fruit gum

  1. Rory
    April 14, 2016

    Reducing sugar in our house is a huge task. With two kids and a high need for convenience, it is a pain in the ass. Turns out, moving into a much smaller house helped. No more pantry means that every time we buy something we have to decide where we will have room for it. Usually the answer is “we don’t”. It’s easier to be realistic when we look at a box of brownies when we know we’ll just go home and eat it in one go, because there’s no room in the cupboard.

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  2. zooey
    April 14, 2016

    Stan says, “America is being poisoned by sugar,” as he read another label. This is a pretty bold statement coming from Twinkie man a week after changing our eating habits, but I’ll take it.


    • Rory
      April 14, 2016

      I have to agree with him. Food coloring, too. I spent a summer with no sugar and no artificial food coloring. It was horrible. I basically wasn’t able to eat at restaurants, or anything that wasn’t fresh. So many bananas.

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  3. zooey
    April 14, 2016

    Well with very little processed food, we pretty much hit the mark. We had a Chicken and Red Pepper Italiano last night that rocked. Today I had a sweet red bell pepper and it ferking tasted like candy. It’s no bad, but takes adjustment to be sure.


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