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in your eyes

You can Say Anything to yourself. Often these are not kind words. They are not maxims of joy, happiness and love. What you say to yourself, at least in my case, is usually not  flattering. My IT is very logical, observant and devastating in the most nonchalant way. My IT has the same voice as me. My terrible IT can put random, destructive thoughts when I least expect it. In the middle of a thought. In silence. In rage. In a moment of peace.

There are ways to counter my IT such as the list below. I may not have people I love around me to counter what I sometimes say aloud about myself. But for those times when I don’t disclose, or am alone, I need a tool to help me. Not a fucking tool asshole. A kindly tool I shall call …um…Kindly for now.  Kindly can whisper or shout these statements and smack  IT over the head with a baseball bat or perhaps a dueling glove.

I may not believe my kind self. But practice helps to down out that IT.  Perhaps you will be able to see it in your eyes, too.


That said. I must return to my musical roots with that lovely scene from Say Anything and the song In Your Eyes. Fucking awesome. Listen to the whole album if you can. “So” spoke to me in ways I cannot describe.

Music and positive self-care for the weekend below.









One comment on “in your eyes

  1. Rory
    March 5, 2016

    Thanks, I needed to hear these this morning.

    Liked by 1 person

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