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rebirth of the X-Files

The_X-Files_2016_PosterBlast from the past last night. Same players, same game, 14 years later. The new-old X-Files returned as a mini-series to Fox. As Stan put it, “They’ve upped their game.” The first new episode, “My Struggle,” was fantastic.

I was an X-Files addict the first time around, watching all 202 of the episodes. This was pre-gaming when I was in TV watch move for stuff like Doogie Howser, Thirty Something, 3rd Rock, Full House and Futurama, etc. Now, you are lucking to get me to sit in front of a TV for a movie or any show. I’d rather be online, playing MMOs with my peeps.

XFilesCreditsS1-7The X-Files was an awesome mix of science fiction, technology and alien life which kept it interesting. The show gave me ‘monster of the week’ most times, but also mythology-type stories. Some creepy as hell. There is still an episode, “Home,” declared as one of the best, which aired only, once due to public outcry. It was an unequivocal horrific show filled with violence and decades of incest and the cost to those involved. It was the first episode to air the, “Discretion is advised,” warning. It was only aired once by Fox.

The-X-Files-600x898As of last night, the mystery is back. A startlingly large number of the original cast was on the premiere, the class reunion of extraterrestrial science fiction. The series started when I was in high school and went almost 10 years in my first marriage. Just watching it last night gave me flashbacks of my former life. It’s weird being where I am now watching what I used to watch in a new way. Sort of like me. The same, but different. Older, further along in life and in a slightly different direction. Funny how treatment and support can put old things in a new light. The shift from trusting no one to trusting.

21e07795d027c492c13524db5cd54707-the-x-files-gets-updated-to-the-modern-age-with-fan-made-introTonight’s show two is, “Founder’s Mutation.”

I’m tuning in and watching with Stan.

The truth is out there,








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