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empire-strikes-back-chewbacca(NO spoilers)

So the big movie some of us have waited for fracking decades is out. Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Stan and I saw it opening night. No, we did not wear Jedi robes or carry light sabers…although there was a little of that around us.  

It. Was. Awesome!

And now, a zillion other people have seen it. Well, except for Lucy. She has no desire to see the movie. “It doesn’t interest me. I didn’t like the other movies. I am not going to this one.”  I was shocked. I watched the movies with her as a kid. She seemed to like them ok. But, my ex is not a fan and most likely influenced her opinion a bit. Sad, really, with a character as great as Rey.  I see a lot of Lucy in Rey. She’s tough, creative and cool.  I think she’d like it for that reason alone. I feel like I failed a little be on the parental indoctrination of Star Wars.

il_570xN.562127362_teibI come from the original Star Wars dynasty. I’ve seen the first 6 movies in the theatre. I remember watching Episode 4 the first time, reading the opening text thinking, episode 4?  I had a serious dual crush on Luke and Han.  I wished hard to be Leia, double bun hair and all. I wanted to speak wookiee and R2D2.  Many of us at school quoted lines from the movie.The movie was a ground breaker in special effects and wowed us all in 1977.

Now I am turning into what I used to scorn online…a theorist. I joined a Star Wars spoilers group started by Rory where theories abound on the origin of the new cast of characters. So now, all I want to do is reread these theories, then go see the movie again. It is an inevitable fact that I will see the the movie at least one more time if not more. Usually this is for the pleasure of watching it again. But now? As a theorist? Gadzooks!

searching sub reddits,


p.s. working on lucy to go with me. fingers crossed!


P.S. Maz Kanata rocks.  That is all.





One comment on “on being rey

  1. Rory
    December 31, 2015

    Theories abound! I’ve seen it twice now, but I want to see it about 1,000 more times. Oh, and MAZ? She’s fabulous!

    Liked by 1 person

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