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i’m dreaming of a …. (part one)

It’s been a low-key Christmas this year. Stan and I visited my parents up north while Lucy was with my ex. Usually holidays are full of lots of family and food, meaning several families and TOO much food. The 4 of us played cards, planned nice but not fussy meals and watched some Christmas specials my dad taped earlier in the month. (Show that man how to DVR and he is now ‘taping’ everything!)

Traditions for Christmas each year including starting the holiday season watching either Elf or The Christmas Carol, then running through our Christmas movie collection through the end of the year. This year, I started off the season watching both Elf and the Jim Carrey Christmas carol, and animated version Disney released, which is rather good. 

Fast forward (pun definitely intended) to my dad’s ‘tapes’ which included the 1954 classic, White Christmas. (Spoiler Alert, lolz) IMDB says this:

A successful song-and-dance team become romantically involved with a sister act and team up to save the failing Vermont inn of their former commanding general.


I blame this movie.

You heard me, this movie has ruled my view of Christmas for decades…for as long as I can remember.


It is shallow, I know, but if there is no snow on the ground on December 24th, some of the magic is gone. Raised in the north, I am a snow girl. I love snow, even with the shoveling and crappy driving conditions. Snow is beautiful, covering the world with white. It dampens noise to a calm state, even if the wind is blowing and blizzard conditions prevail. As a child it was a thrill to be snowed in, watching billions of flakes fall from the sky and stack in the front yard. The picture window becoming my TV watching as I sipped hot chocolate crowded with marshmallows. I looked forward to building snow forts and winging snow balls at kids in the neighborhood.

SNOW20121111247705Snow fucking rocks.

I missed it this year, again. The metro area and where my parents live did not have snow. All I had was the White Christmas on TV where I looked longingly at the snowfall towards the end as the barn doors are rolled back. I guess that will have to do for now.

To see a mountain covered with a quilt of snow….







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