the art of mindbending

the life of zooey who happens to be Bipolar 2

you cannot be replaced

5 days of cloudy, raining, icy weather has left me drained. In addition, I was watching something on TV where a suicide survivor was talking about the act being the most selfish thing a person can do. I disagree with that statement entirely. For this reason, the holidays now in full swing, and my own struggles, I am reposting this for those who haven’t dug 2 years back into my past writings. I hope it helps someone. Take care, zooey.

the art of mindbending

Sometimes its not easy to ask for help. But it is necessary to take that step. Sometimes its not easy to ask for help. But it is necessary to take that step.

I will not say I know all the answers about why people commit suicide and how and the statistics quoted around this topic. There are several good articles out there. I’ve listed a few at the bottom of this blog for your reference. I can only speak from my experience.  If you are having sucidal thoughts, please seek help immediately.

Here it goes…

Several things coalesced in the past few days which have prevented me from writing this blog about suicide.

1. There were lots of messages about National Suicide Prevention last week. To Write Love on Her Arms lead with the slogan, “You cannot be replaced,” which I borrowed for the title of this blog.  Other agencies had other messages as well. This put suicide front and center in my mind most days…

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