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Rocky Sylvester Stallone Philadelphia Steps Stair Runs Celebration Fist Pump Arm Pump victory boxing favorite sun epic win (1)An exasperating word when uttered from the mouths of teenagers. Often paired with, “But there’s nothing to DO!” by a child. An overused word to describe something less than exciting whether it be a person, a movie, or a book. Boring is not a word to describe a goal in life. Except, perhaps, for me.

I am way cool with boring today. Actually, every 6 months I grin at this description of me. You see, it is used to describe the state of my teeth by my dentist and hygienist. There is very little scraping off of excess tarter, gums in good shape, no cavities. Achievement unlocked, let the one handed fist pumps commence. Borrrring! Borrrring! Borrrring!

dentist_dental_check_up_good_job_sticker-r9f0bf756be7e44d685118072369314ac_v9wf3_8byvr_512Sometimes in life, the goal is not to shine like the sun. To be in the spotlight. Sometimes goals are simple and life-changing. Simple and satisfying. Making a decent cup of coffee or tea. Remembering to brush that spot by a crooked tooth. Bathing and dressing in clean clothes and feeling a smidgen better about the day. Listening and trying something new a friend suggests to help move you along out of a rut. Getting fresh produce at the farmers market and making a tasty dish.

These are some of the millions of way to celebrate life. People make and achieve bucket lists. Perhaps people should make and keep a small victories and celebration list, collecting them for future reference. il_340x270.857698196_5po4Find a small notepad. Write down your list of good things today. Keep it nearby. It helps on dark days. It is appreciated on normal days.

Today, I cheer at my, boring dental goal achievement.

Happy with the unexciting,





One comment on “diamonds in the sky

  1. Rory
    November 20, 2015

    Jenny (and, once upon a time, her great grandmother) keeps a diary that records several years on each page. When you go to write on November 21, for example, it shows November 21 for the last two years, with space for next year’s, too. It’s pretty groovy because it gives her small flashbacks to minor victories. There’s only room for 1 or 2 sentences, so it’s often small things like “Successfully made a suffle” or “I’m thankful for so-and-so”. She loves it.

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