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reduced to ashes

Screen-Shot-2015-09-29-at-10.28.55-AMYou may remember the TV show Twin Peaks. This has nothing to do with the eating establishment with scantily clad females serving, “They have really good food,” dishes. It’s about the TV show from the early 90s. My crush (from Dune), Kyle MacLachlan starred in this David Lynch visually rich and peculiar story of a murder. There were many quirky characters including Special Agent Cooper, “Damn good coffee!” One of the actors on the show was the Log Lady. A woman who carried around a log and had something to say, although often cryptic.

I am now a log lady.

Our friends, who have land outside of town needed some help last Saturday. They had to clear two trees in preparation for installation of solar panels this week. Several people spent the good part of the day cutting down trees and reducing tree trunks and limbs into pieces to be processed into firewood. I spent 4 and a half hours log splitting. No, I do not possess burly, rock-hard biceps and a strong back. I am not a dwarf with an axe for fighting Orcs. I used a machine that quarters logs. It’s quite fascinating to operate.

20151107_101834_HDROver and over, I picked logs, some rather heavy, cradling them in my arms as I carried them over to the splitter. In total, I split around a cord and a half of wood and stacked much of it.. It was a great day to be outside. It was a sunny but not hot with a gentle cool breeze to cool us off.

I cannot describe the awesome feeling of not being in front of a computer working indoors for yet another day. It was glorious, even with sore muscles I babied for a few days.  The change in scenery helped recover my spirit and ease work burnout.

In return, we loaded up the car with firewood for our newly cleaned and inspected fireplace. “My log saw something that night.” – Log Lady. Yes, several logs have seen their fiery end since that day.

Snap, crackle, pop



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