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the life of zooey who happens to be Bipolar 2


bWhen I sat down to work the other morning, what did my wondering eyes did appear? No miniature slight and eight tiny reindeer. There was a ginormous bruise across my knuckles. It was not a tiny bruise. This think was painful with swollen with red and purple areas. The huge area was 3 inches ranging over 2 knuckles.

What. The. Hell.

I am not Rocky or kick boxer. My gym is a bike or an elliptical. I don’t pick physical fights.

tube1_3484888bOften we don’t remember how bruises appear on our bodies, a little one here or there, no big whoop. But here was a mind-blowing contusion that I had no idea when or where it occurred. Nothing I’d done over the past day came close to creating this monstrosity.

That evening at dinner, Lucy looked at it as said, “I heard a loud noise last night in your room.” Apparently I am whacking things in my sleep now. It wasn’t Stan, he had no reciprocal bruise. We agreed it has to be either the metal head board or the nightstand. No recollection of a fighting or even e71f81be0171c4b8c87af0d00ed40725dancing dream. Truly a mystery of a silent flailing arm which woke up no one but Lucy in another room.

Some mysterious things can’t be explained, only imagined, even with concrete evidence.

Put your dukes up,



2 comments on “bruiser

  1. Rory
    November 11, 2015

    Ooph. Sorry to hear you’re hurt. But thanks for sharing anyhow! I had a similar problem, but now I don’t use a headboard, and might nightstand isn’t anywhere that I might hit it, or run into it if I sleepwalk. Two small changes, but ones that were definitely for the better. Hugs. Hope your bruise heals quickly.


  2. zooey
    November 15, 2015

    Thanks, Rory…it’s getting better.


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