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3e1aa05346380764f804087c448ac7f4Stan and I went with our friends Kyle and Jen to a place called, “Escape Room.” A place in downtown Kansas City by the City Market in an old building. The Escape room actually has 3 rooms for the picking. Each room has a theme. The goal is the same for any of them. Escape from it in one hour. This is done inside a locked room by finding the code to open the door through a series of clues. We chose, “The Theory of Everything.”

This room’s premise is that a scientist, studying alien life, recently disappeared. The goal was to use the clues in the room based on this theme. A huge Einstein picture was on one wall. A large blackboard covering another wall had formulas and other secret codes. There was a couch, a desk, a bookcase and a stand with an old radio. There was also a tool boxed locked in a clear box and a first aid box, also locked. Many locks adorned the desk drawers which required keys or combinations. A suitcase sat in the corner, locked.

Each with our own talents for finding and deducing, we got to work. Jen found the first key and we were off and running. We worked feverishly finding clues and putting together codes for the steps. But one important thing we ignored were the clues we could ask for fro the staff. The staff had cameras on each room and when participants knocked, they would give a hint to the room to help steer them further along. These weren’t answers to steps, but clues only. Each event was allowed 3 clues.

We were 40 minutes into our escape before we asked for the first clue. The second at 50 minutes and the last at 55 IMG_0158minutes. We lost our escape game by 30 seconds as we were ready to punch in the code. Yep 3-0 seconds! In hindsight, when we were stuck about 20 minutes in, that goose with a hint would have changed the whole outcome of the game.

It really is better to ask for help when it’s needed. It can’t always be done on your own, alone. Ask. It’s worth it. Sometimes finding the secret sauce to life takes not only time but other people, a nudge, a bit of encouragement.

As for our failed escape, we now understand how the game is played. A bit of brain work and entertainment for the nerd crowd? Hells to the yes!

Do you want to play a game?



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