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The sound of silence

Comfort is individual. Some find it in chocolate or sweets like donuts, cake, or ice cream. Others in mashed potatoes, French fries or grits.

“But what’s murkier is whether comfort food can actually deliver on that promise. Is that the feeling of a soul being soothed, or just the onset of a mac-and-cheese-induced food coma?” Why Comfort Food Comforts – The Atlantic

mac-and-cheese-on-forkPerhaps classical conditioning. The article says that comfort foods often bring back nostalgic times in childhood or adulthood where people were cared for and felt happy/safe. These help us through times of sadness or loneliness. Anxiety or stress can bring on eating. Emotional eating is nothing new. Another study mentioned that the stronger the emotions were, the more satisfying peopled tended to find food.

This is not to imply that indulging in comfort food is crazy bad. Comfort food moderation, as in all things, is fine. When comfort rules all your dietary choices, it may be better.

“Food, Gabriel said, could be swapped out for anything else that brings the same soothing sense of familiarity, like re-reading a beloved book or watching a favorite TV show”

Screw the sweets, I am a crunch girl through and through. Popcorn, chips, carrots. I prefer, over anything else, a loud, deafening sound. I’ve wondered over my life why I prefer the crunch. I can recall two times when crunch rule my childhood. First, I love Grape Nuts. The crunch is SO LOUD with that cereal. At the time, I didn’t know how loud. Mom made me wait a minute after the milk was poured to eat it. Apparently I MAKE horrific crunchy noises, too.I was amazed later in life when my mom confessed to this strategy.

dew itSecond, my actually munching and crunching memory was during my teenage years. I would drink a Mountain Dew in a real glass bottle and eat chips after school while watching Gilligan’s Island or The Brady Bunch. A fairly happy time I guess.

Perhaps crunching food makes me sentimental. I like to drown out the sounds around me. Silence my thoughts. It puts me in the same quiet state as walking through a snow storm on a very cold night. Sound muffled and no noise except for the crunch my boots make in the snow. I love winter and snow and do remember playing in snow or walking in it. Also, as a prairie girl, I must say it is true for wind. Car window open, windy day alike, it leaves nothing but a rush of air passed my ears.

140737557075066756k6YbcfUscI hope it snows a lot during the coming dark winter months. If not, perhaps I’ll roll down the window, eat some chips and listen to the sound of silence.

Hitting all the bases,



3 comments on “The sound of silence

  1. Rory
    October 20, 2015

    Yumm. Classic Mt. Dew in a bottle. Omnomnom.

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  2. Make happy happen!
    October 20, 2015

    A good post, made me think about what/who comforts me. Laughter is always great and Gilligan’s Island delivers. Cooking is something enjoyed but washing dishes is hated. I don’t eat for comfort, I usually eat nothing until late evening. If deep depression hits I quit eating altogether, going weeks on fluids alone. Fortunately, it’s been a few years since I’ve endured such a mental funk.

    As for music, yes. My ear worm last night at work: You’ve Got a Friend. I asked several of my co-workers if they knew who James Taylor was. I was shocked when four out of six didn’t know! Tragic. I like Simon & Garfunkel too, they’d never heard of them. I mentioned Sound of Silence and told them to listen to it. What’s the world coming to? At last I came up with a name my co-workers knew- Bob Seger. Guess I’ll sing Turn the Page at work tonight and see if any of them know the words.

    I like snow too, but not winter. Yeah, dial a season works for me. Winter for a few hours-then hop on a plane headed for south Florida. Spring is my favorite season.

    For me, being productive and positive helps the most. I enjoyed reading this post and a few of your others, thank you.


    • zooey
      October 20, 2015

      Thank you for your kind words. I’ll be winter for the cold, getting snowed in and winter sports. Sprimy is a close secomd, though. 😊

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