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let’s get ready to crumble

vcI bought a Violet Crumble candy bar this weekend while shopping at an international specialties shop. Dear hubby and Lucy got dark chocolate bars. Lucy’s was plan chocolate and dear hubby’s had chipotles mixed in. Two days later, theirs are all or half gone. Yet, my Violet crumble is untouched.

The Violet Crumble is a rare treat as it is not available anywhere but in this store locally. It’s HokeyPokey2also about $4 per bar. So yes, I really only bought one. This candy bar is made of what New Zealanders call ‘hokey pokey’ (honeycomb). No, it doesn’t turn itself around…that’s not what it’s all about. The bar tastes of honey with the light, crunchy texture of astronaut freeze dried ice cream, then encased with a thin coating of chocolate. The hokey pokey is the star of this show.

I remember eating astronaut ice cream as a kid. The freeze dried treat along with Tang, were the shit as far as available space travel for a 10 year old. Biting into the crunch and chewing its ice cream flavor was as disappointing as it was fascinating. On one hand, NOT ice cream in any stretch of the imagination. But, “I can carry ice cream in my pocket!” Pretty damn cool, even at room temperature.


It sits on the kitchen counter, waiting patiently.

“Are you going to eat your candy bar?” says dear hubby.

“Yes, I a bit.”

I’m not sure he gets it.

This is a special candy bar. There needs to be a reason for me to bite into its crunchy honey goodness. Often, people use food to celebrate, to soothe, to commiserate events and moods. I can’t really tell you what will be that candy bar’s undoing. Considering the current state of jobs at my company, it could be either, or none. Therefore, I anticipate for now. Anticipation is part of the fun for me for any occasion whether a holiday, traveling, and movie and the like. Looking forward to something, seeing someone or doing a thing is part of the whole experience to be relished. It’s good to look forward and anticipate as our days, weeks, months and years pass. We all need to anticipate, to hope.

When will I tear open the gleaming yellow and purple wrapper and taste its goodness?

Only the Violet Crumble knows,




One comment on “let’s get ready to crumble

  1. jillandernest
    October 19, 2015

    I miss Tang. The new stuff just scares me.


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