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tapping at my chamber door

day-of-dead-2October is a month for beer festivals and creepy temporary stores of costumes which magically appear overnight, in vacant storefronts. These Halloween stores are a wonder of monsters and costumes for your trick or treat and party needs. Laughing skulls cackling, hands grasping out of candy bowls and gravestones also litter box stores starting as early as August. Time to get on your Halloween bling.

All Hallow’s Eve comes October 31.“Allhallowtide, the traditional focus of All Hallows’ Eve revolves around the theme of using “humor and ridicule to confront the power of death.” – Wikipedia. It comes the day before All Saints Day/Day of the Dead, honoring the faithful, martyrs and saints. .

As a child, my older brother was in charge of handing out candy when my parents declared he was too old to trick or treat. His strategy for keeping most of the sweet loot was to make the house as scary as possible so that the little ones would skip the house in fear. He did this by placing his custom built speakers facing out the windows and playing scary sounding haunted records of winds, cackling witches, moaning ghosts, chains clanking and screamers. This what was available prior to all the yard decorations of today.

The sound tactic worked well. Cute witches, fairys, batmans all paused, listened to the chaos coming from our house, shook their heads and with huge eyes, scurried on by. The only brave kids were older. They knew the ruse and demanded their candy.

I remembered this as I listened to Christopher Walken read, “The Raven,” by Edger Allen Poe. His extremely good rendition of the poem was accompanied by spooky wind and thunder in the background.

0Reading poems aloud is a lost art. After grade school. Even in high school and the college courses I took as an English major rarely read aloud. Poetry is a first cousin of singing and chanting. It deserves a place in our society to revisit classics and discover new poems. Try a classic today. Pick something silly like Shell Silverstein or something more classic such as William Shakespeare or Emily Dickinson. Try more contemporary poets like Maya Angelou or Robert Frost. Below are links to lists which may be of interest.You can find the free online or even at places such as Audible books

Enriching through poetry readings helps to steep me in sound and stories when music too much. Rarely during depression do I feel like listening to songs, unless they are sad, and THAT isn’t a good idea. Being read to helps alleviate stress and loneliness. Try either reading or listening to a poem.

“Presently my soul grew stronger,” (Poe)


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2 comments on “tapping at my chamber door

  1. Rory
    October 15, 2015

    I haven’t busted out my poems in a long time. I had the complete Emily Dickenson at one point, but it’s lost to the ravages of time. I recently located a collection of my own poems while cleaning up my PC. It was interesting and sad to see how creative I was when I wasn’t medicated.


  2. zooey
    October 15, 2015

    I understand the sadness. I’ve lost my fiber art creativity and drive. To med or not to med. Bad either way.


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