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not a pumpkin spice girl

Apple-Cider-Sangria-600x517As you can see from the title, I not a fan of pumpkin spice season. Most foods and other products like candles smell and/or taste fake. Pumpkin spice is what you put in actual pumpkin pies. Most of the other advertised ‘beginning of fall’ pumpkin space tastes and smells horrible. I think of Fall as apple season. Locally grown apples picked from the trees and sent directly to sell. They taste amazing and not at all fake.

Recently, dear hubby and I stopped at a local apple cider mill on the way to our friend’s house. We were going to do a drive by for the essentials…apples, cider and the beloved cider donuts. This local cider mill has the most devilishly amazing apple cider donuts made fresh on the spot.

cornmaze5What we got was the apple Armageddon festival in all its glory. We belatedly realized in the past, we’ve visited the orchard in September, not October. Our friends told us all of October was the apple festival. Silly us for not knowing! Instead of the few buildings of apples and cider pressing there was a circus. We saw bounce houses, the corn maze in full swing and temporary playgrounds with bales of hay. There was pumpkin picking, a moon walk, live entertainment, and crafts. Sensory apple overload.

We had to park at least a quarter of a mile away from the main building where all the goodies were sold. We bravely splashed into the wave of humanity for a fucking donut. After dodging small children, rowdy dogs and parking vultures, we arrived at the main house. Nice. The line for cider donuts was out the door and about 2 blocks long, snaking around the parking lot.

donutsFor donuts. Yeah they are THAT good. Fresh apple flavored cake donuts dusted with cinnamon and sugar. They sell them to you still warm and soft in paper bags or by a dozen in boxes. We leave there with our slightly greased paper bag of goodness, eating most of them before we can get back to the car.

On Sunday, we were not THAT desperate for a donut. Luckily, they were selling bags of apples and cider in gallons at a stand outside where there was no line. We gathered our purchases and trekked back to the car, vowing to get up early on a Saturday to sneak into the ‘big donut house’ for our annual cider apple donut goodness. Initial plans thwarted, the secret Ops plan is forming. The target will be acquired another day. No matter how mesarticle-2006496-002a89a100000258-114_233x315sed up a day can be, redo it another time.

Spice, spice, baby,



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