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i zinc so

ZincCold and flu season has launched rockets into the sky with a myriad of blooming snot fireworks. Why is it called a season? We have TV show, deer and football seasons. These are all widely anticipated times. People look forward to these season arrivals. What does cold and flu season give us? Shots, tissues and shitty tasting zinc.

Yes, I have a cold. Yes, I am grumpy about said cold. Yes, I am being a good girl and taking the damn zinc, drinking water, and herb tea. I take care of the body sick just like my bipolar 2, taking what will help me be well.

ShowImageI am currently the star in comedy, “Fuck Monday’s and Bugger Colds.” Already today, I’ve had a few giggles on conference calls at my new voice. I wish I could say I sound like sexy Lauren Bacall when I talk. But for the most part, it is or Lurch from the Addams Family. There was some fun in calling my boss to say I’m working from home sounding like Lurch. Laughing she said, “Don’t spread your sorry germs in this office!” In my best Carl Childers Sling Blade voice I answered, “Mhmmm.”

ab669f8c56007fda2f8896d34150c6b2I am thinking along with the zinc ‘punch-it-in-the-face’ spray, I’ll make some chicken soup for dinner. There is some debate that zinc or chicken soup come out on top as the best remedy for a cold. So, I will bet on both. Why take chances? Heap in on, people!

You rang?



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