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Whiskers-On-KittensI have this back-pocket list of ideas for this blog. It’s on recipe file cards because…reasons.

il_214x170.697772416_ojjrActually, a few years back we had a shit-ton of note cards left over from Lucy’s school supplies, about a 5 inch stack of them.  They were perfectly good and I knew I couldn’t come up with THAT many new recipes, so we put them to another use. Thanks to a purchase many years ago from Longaberger, we had a tiny little basket that fit them perfectly. The basket sits on a shelf next to pens and pencils.

The cards are used for list making of many sorts.  These include shopping, packing, to-do and meal planning lists. I love to make them and cross off the items on the lists. Slowly the cards were used up. We bought more note cards for our lonely wee basket. As you can tell. I. Love. To. Make. Lists.  

1a767428-c683-4267-85e4-6b9254371d68Lists are a good thing.  They can be made up of creative ideas, wishes or practical things. They keep me organized, on track and show progress. For instance, I have a list of herbs and spices so I don’t purchase 5 bottles of basil. I also make a list of errands so I don’t forget to go all the places I need to go. We have a running list of ‘what we are out of and need at the grocery.’ This isn’t just for the business of running a household. Lists are back up plans, such as topics for this blog. Often I come up with an idea brushing my teeth or getting the mail. That fleeting aha that will come and go quickly if not captured.  Lists can show what is good and bad about a situation. Putting down pros and cons helps center decision making. Lists can be books to read, favorite bands, places to go and buckets to fill. Short lists of choices is helpful in making decisions.

List can also help express feelings about a situation or track moods.  They can also show what you did accomplish in a day. I took a shower. I got dressed. I ate lunch. Sometimes, I need these lists to show I am living even when the depression dog sits on my face.

“Lists relieve stress and focus the mind. “Lists,” sociologist Scott Schaffer told The Oregonian newspaper, “really get to the heart of what it is we need to do to get through another day on this planet.” – NPR

Scraps of paper. Post-it notes, official pads with magnets on the back for the fridge. In journals. In planners. On a computer or mobile app like Notepad or Evernote. The types of tools are a great way to hold yourself accountable for activities and personal behavior alike. Find what works for you, electronic or paper, and try a few lists. A plus for paper? Writing utensils, too!

listing my favorite things next,


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One comment on “raindrops on roses

  1. Rory
    October 7, 2015

    I use Trello to organize my many, many lists. Nothing beats a paper list, but sometimes, it’s too inconvenient to keep a stack of cards in my pocket. I gave up, and succumbed to the electronic gods.


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