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twilight isn’t just for vampires

setsu-chan-cat-was-just-given-the-title-of-most-awful-sleeping-face-in-japan-4Twilight is my favorite part of the day. It turns the world from color to gray to dark. For some reason, I find this mysterious and soothing, washing away the day, getting ready to start a new day soon. I know, most people would say dawn is more positive, but I’m a night owl. Plus, I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights and all-nighters in college and for work. At those times, I am more often than not very fucking tired as day breaks. Now the series of books and movies have ruined the word ‘twilight’ for me. I’m not a fan of vampire movies, especially those. I’ve had too many vampires in my life, sucking the life out of me. So my new word for twilight is nightfall. Kinda cool word anyways.

It’s hard to stay off my phone or computer after supper. I game in MMOPRPGs to get away from the stresses of the day. It really works for me as I decide what to do in a land of make believe, not worrying about work or other things. I then look at my phone in bed like someone would, perhaps, read a book. I’ve tried to book reading, but often when depressed, I just can’t pick up the tome and get into it. Happy stories make me sad. Sad stories make me sadder. So, I catch up on social media, read some articles, look at funny cat videos instead. After that, I settle down to play a mindless casual puzzle game to make me sleepy. Meh, it works for me. And now with the android app Twilight, it works faster. I get sleepy within about 15 minutes and can get some shuteye. (No affiliation what so ever with Twilight the sleep app.)

Why? The issue comes with the screens themselves. Screens on phones and computers have shown to hinder sleep patterns due to blue light they produce.

051799fdf94d39962297fd50bd53831b2bd368-wmIt’s about the light that these screens emit. It typically has a cool blue undertone, whether you notice it or not. (Think of your next-door neighbor’s TV seen through a window at night.) That’s fine during the day – screen light was designed to mimic the tones of daylight. But my screen time lasts long after dark. And that’s the problem.

Humans evolved to respond to darkness by producing melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. But our light-sensitive pineal gland near the center of the brain responds to blue light by suppressing melatonin, causing us to wake up.

When we see too much blue light in the late evening, it delays or disrupts the melatonin rush. In other words, my iPad can keep me up even after I turn it off. –Washington Post

My settings let me to turn on the blue screen at any time, or set a timer for sunrise and sunset. I can change the brightness and color reduction as well. Here is a short list of apps out there. Searching in the Apple Store or Play Store will yield a few more, I imagine:

Screenshot_2015-10-05-11-55-24* Twilight for Android
* EazyEyez for Android
* Night Filter for Android
* F.lux for Apple Product but Jailbreak is needed
* Zzz for iPHone/Cost for app

I’ve also placed some articles for further reference and will continue to do so as I see them. I will do the same with other apps as I see them. Here is the exact page in the site with articles about blue screen light and sleep. You will see more updates as I add additional menu pages and links.

Some habits are surely hard to break, like phone and electronic use. But sometimes there is a solution which will work. If you are in my boat, at least there is an app to help. I can keep my nightly ritual and get some shuteye to keep the depression dog away.

Light’s out!


One comment on “twilight isn’t just for vampires

  1. Rory
    October 5, 2015

    I have a blue-light nightlight, and a book lamp with several light levels. I turn the lamp off, book light on, and slowly turn down the lights while I read. I turn it down at the end of each chapter, to help me remember. I do the same with the brightness of my phone when I’m e-booking. Artificial twilight is critical for me.

    I’m glad you’re finding good tools!


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