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it’s customary

1369381143_47714Funny how small things can be so irritating but utterly necessary. Consider the hall or break room greetings in corporate America. The come in assorted varieties of niceties:

  1. “Hi zooey, how are you doing?”
    “Fine and you?”
    “Good.” (Perish the thought that it is more detailed than that!)
  2. The smile and head nod
  3. The wave from a distance
  4. “Hi zooey, what you been up to?”
  5. “Hi zooey. Hey, got a minute? Walk with me to the restroom.” (Talk about something ensues. So much for a couple of minutes alone.)

This is why I really loathe even leaving my cube for anything. The custom of chance meet and greets make me interact when I am in a bad mood. Who has time to stop and actually talk to someone? No one. Don’t expect much in the way of deep conversation in the workplace, unless it is about a project or sometimes, a juicy rumor. It’s surface-based. There are a couple of ways to look at this. Surface greetings keep folks at bay and out of my personal emotional life, which I guard very closely. Surface greetings are fake but necessary to ‘keep up appearances’ and keep rumors about ME at bay.

smiling-at-strangersYet, surface greetings at least acknowledge you as a person living and working in a space, same as the other person. This is much better than the polite ignore or someone that looks away, down at their phone or papers. This is also true for interactions with strangers in certain situations. Do you make eye contact and smile at your barista? Do you say thank you after receiving something? Do you make small talk to others like a checker at a store? You get the idea.

We all have shitty days. Shitty weeks, months, or even years. If we do, others do, too. It’s nice when someone recognizes you as a human on this planet anywhere, even for a brief time. A thank you. A bit of kindness. A surface greeting actually goes a long way for all of us. It may be hard on bad days, but it does help not just them but you. It’s, well, customary

Hi! What’s up?



One comment on “it’s customary

  1. Rory
    October 1, 2015

    Therapy, Work, Food. It’s a day. I am human. You are too!

    Liked by 1 person

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