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3036257935_9d41b796cbAt the dinner table last night, my daughter Lucy was talking about day. In ceramics, they finished making their rain sticks. This is a more sophisticated design than those from her grade school years. These were made with nails, rice/popcorn seeds/dry beans, and a poster tube. The 3rd grade kids then decorated them with markers and glued on tissue paper. For weeks, she proudly shook it marching around the house and neighborhood. Eventually she grew tired of it, and I stored it in one of her “Lucy Boxes” of childhood art and school paper memories.

For the past few weeks, the high school ceramics class has been making rain makers, which would be attached to sticks after firing. These were crafted head-like shapes of various subjects. Lucy did a reptilian head with cool goofy teeth. She texted me a picture that afternoon. I asked if she was bringing it home soon. She said, “Well the Gorilla glue has to dry and then we have to do a parade.”

“A parade?”

“Yes, we are taking our rain makers and walking around the hall.”


Here is my junior in high school parading around the school like she used to with her 3rd grade rain maker at home.

The circle of art is unbroken.

I smiled at this. She didn’t seem too embarrassed or concerned at the impending demonstration of ceramic prowess. She might have been hiding the angst. Or, perhaps, it was that she would be with others in the same predicament. There’s safety in numbers.

“So you will be a mover and a shaker?”


I couldn’t help it. Good to know that even the ‘cool in school’ have to put themselves out there loud and proud.

Stick your neck out…shake your booty,


P.S. Lucy and I have sung the K.C. and the Sunshine song for years. And yes, we do shake our booties. Always good to give kids at an early appreciation for all sorts of songs. Especially movers and shakers.


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