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Yesterday evening, the fam happily made the trek to the closest Starbucks 15 miles from our house. Yeah, we live in THAT sort of boondocks at the edge of a major metro area. We were on a chemical mission. Not just that of the bean-infused magic of the coffeehouse, but to meet up with a fellow geek.

Dear daughter is in need of some chemistry and math help. One of my workmate friends, her father a biochemist, offered to help out. I was very happy to meet her outside of work, our first time. Rarely to personal relationships spill out from work to the real world. Since she and the fam have a lot in MarieCuriecommon (Dr. Who, Wil Wheaton, Firefly, tabletop gaming to name a few), I knew dear daughter (Lucy) would get along famously.

They did.

After introductions and dissemination of drinks, colleague said, “Ok Marie Curie, whatcha got?” Hubby and I went a discrete distance away and sat to happily read books. We spend way too much time in the house and on computers recently and were glad for the chance to be outdoors, sipping coffee, noses in real books.*

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For well over an hour, learning commenced. Lively conversation and occasional laughter over homework and texts. We came over to the table later and chatted a bit. My colleague volunteers at a local museum and invited us to join her. We made another coffee and chemistry date and parted ways.

Lucy said as we left the parking lot, “She is SO cool!”

My colleague said today, “I have another niece!”

Obviously the chemistry was there.

It was a great thing to have Lucy experience learning in an area of study which was positive and not frustrating for a change. Her football coach has not been helping her. He grades only by ‘you did it, you didn’t do it,” not giving feedback on what she does not understand, then giving a larger exam to get a grade. When I heard that (I’ve taught some in the past), I made the :-O face. Thanks football chemistry coach for taking the easy way out. So much for ‘teaching’.

I am grateful Lucy has this awesome role model now who demonstrates, through her excitement, a woman who gets understands science and math. Mentors, we all need a few in our lives.

It’s poetry in motion,



*Books with noses in them:

My Read: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer
So far an awesome book from the perspective of a brilliant 9-year-old boy. It is written after the 911 World Trade Center death of his father. He’s on a mission to find where the keys left hidden by his father in a vase lead.

Hubby Read: How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It: Tactics, Techniques, and Technologies for Uncertain Times by James Wesley Rawles
Sort of a hobby for us. We mostly read these books for disasters like tornadoes, bad water from natural disasters, camping / backpacking adventures and pursuit of keeping our life simpler. We are not Doomsday Preppers (as some in our family are) but have a bit more food and such for us and the pets.


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