the art of mindbending

the life of zooey who happens to be Bipolar 2

ninja kick

Stasis brings up images of sci-fi pods traveling through space on log voyages. Call it deep space hibernation or suspended animation, this state of the body slows blood flow and other bodily functions into an altered sleep. It allows for time to pass and the body to feel very few ravages of times.

Dictionary definitions describe stasis is described as a balance between opposing forces…or monolith-iistoppage. A pause from one state to another. The scale balanced. Synonyms include symmetry, equilibrium, counterbalance and tension.

During a depression attack, one of my tactics puts a part of myself in stasis. I imagine it as a place in my physical body where nothing happens. Surprisingly, it is the shape of the Space Odyssey monolith suspended in space. A place where no attack of sad can reside. Of course this means no glad resides either. Still. Silent. This creates tension while living day-to-day and often leaves me sitting on the couch, staring at the wall.

3050231044_6e376aae3cAs I slog my way through September, the black dog goes into ninja mode.I am used to counter-striking negative thoughts with various behavioral tools, but black dog ninja kicks are a harder to counter. They are surprise quick blows, snapping my head to the side, throwing my balance off. So I meditate to my monolith in check, to ward off blows. It usually works for a few days before the cryogenic balance tips and the black dog grabs my shirt and drags me away. Yet sometimes my sweet Kung Fu moves work. The Mawashi Geri – Roundhouse Kick connects and I break free. Take that you motherfucker. Perhaps this is the day my foot connects.

Working on my black belt,



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