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It’s bull riding today, yall!  At my parent’s for the weekend and we’re watching a prerecorded event from cable. A true treat for me, since we cut the cable TV cord over a year ago. Small city dwellers from the Midwest, my family didn’t watch rodeos or bull riding when I was young. Yet, in the past decade or so, we’ve picked up the sport and followed 54e257e11e69c.imagethe bull riding circuit on TV events and attended some live at both the high school and PBR levels.

American bull riding consists of staying on a bull for 8 seconds one-handed, not touching the bull with the other hand. Riders and bulls are paired by luck of the draw which started out with slips of paper in a hat way back in the day. Now, they are a computer-generated list match.

Top Bulls of all time have names like Bushwhacker, Asteroid and I’m a Gangster hold the 1,2,3 spots. They represent the epitome of tough ass screaming pounds of twisting, jumping and bucking freight trains. Professional Bull Riding c1757d61ed164b4122f347154258dd92or PBR circuit has seasonal events culminating in Las Vegas for the finals not only for riders in the circuit, but the bulls. Bulls are also rated on each ride and move up in rank based on their performance as the year goes along.  War is waged for 8 seconds between rider and the bull, scoring ability, performance and panache. Honestly, 8 seconds seems a damn bit more than that just watching.

One of the most legendary bulls of all time is Bodacious.  A mean, strong sonofabitch, the bull bucked off 127 of 135 riders. He was retired for the safety of bull riders after two incidents. One wreck had a rider in 4 hour face reconstruction surgery after every bone in his head was broken. The other rider, in a protective helmet, had his eye sockets burst and a broken nose.  Apparently there is a point when enough is enough in the arena. Bull riding is not for the weak. Bodacious was the pure definition of the most dangerous sport around. Riders and rodeo clowns alike definitely had a collective butt clench at the 1,900-pound Charbray bull was shoved in the chute.

Interesting thing, we are all bull riders. We ride turmoil and terrible times, one-handed, sometimes making it as the crowd cheers. We jump on the bull, and give a node to the gate man. Often the ride ends too soon, the bull spinning away from our hand. We fly off and land on the ground tasting dirt and grateful for the clowns in our lives.  We take the bull we’re given and can ride it out as best we 62eaab0f6de2cd31b0b0e007182e96b9can.

cowboy up!


cowboy up!



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