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fairy houses and teddy roosevelt

So adorable. There is a movement of shelter dwellers who are into the minimalist approach to living.  These fairy type houses can be off the grid, mobile, grouped in little colonies or in the backwoods retreats. Cute, expertly designed in most cases, homeowners use a variety of materials to create these small wonders.

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Why?  I realize that the McMansions of past decades are out of vogue, I would agree with that. McMansions are stuff collectors and can rule lives, requiring ‘fillage’ maintenance. This means all the empty rooms need decorating and also need to heated, cooled and periodically cleaned. Cha-ching! There is actually a thing as too much house, regardless ofplease-do-not-disturb-the-fairy-houses what my uncle used to say.

The pendulum swings from keeping up with the Joneses to paring down with the Joneses.  Less is more!  You don’t need anything but a knife, a plate and a roll of toilet paper in the house! Screw privacy, fucking should be done off site or v e r y quietly with kids around because who needs doors? Oh, and deal with the farts (it’s natural gas after all). Go wash your clothes at a laundromat again (when the one laundry basket under the stairs is bulging). You get the picture.

I must give credit to photographers using fish eyes and just the right angles to give the impression of how roomy these petite houses actually are….without, of course, people actually living in them.  Living this small MAY work for singles, but families and couples are going to have some major collisions trading places to do dishes and visit the bathroom at the same time.

Life is about learning to balance work, play and just plain everyday living. It is unfortunate that society swings from extreme to extreme. Teddy Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  Comparison of cars, clothes….and houses. Don’t obsess with how others live. Figure out what works for you and keep it that way. Helps in the happiness category. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” –T. Roosevelt

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