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foxy lady

If you are a Wayne’s World fan, 10 cool points for the immediate recollection to Garth’s Foxy Lady dancegarth - Copy.

Click the link and enjoy the most awkward, humorous 1 minute of your day. Then get a copy of Wayne’s World and party on with the whole cast in this SNL spin off.

I’m no ‘lady’, which my upbringing relegates this illustrious title to women who are older, do not swear and wear less casual, more dressy clothes. Yes, stereotyping, I know, but those were my roles models living in a smallish city in a Midwest town. I fucking swear a lot. I wear t-shirts and jeans ad nauseum. And I damn well don’t think of myself as ‘older’.

Foxy?  Well perhaps not in the slang terms either. Sorry Jimi Hendrix.

Foxes are beautiful, both cat and dog in behavior (a little extrovert + introvert), and have lots of mythical/totem/spirit descriptions associated with them. Many words are thrown around about foxes, depending on where you read: keen observer, trickster, quick thinking and adaptability, fun to name some. These characteristics, assigned by people make me wary, though. They remind me of astrology, numerology and Chinese zodiacs. All of these practices pigeonhole people into specific personality traits, even going so far as to recommend mates, daily activities, and job choices.

I’ve seen a few foxes in the last couple of years. They streak in front of me as I walk or ride a bike. Foxes running through fields, a red blur of fur and motion. When I see one, my reaction is immediate. I long to be a fox. A simple life, albeit shorter with no coffee.

As a vixen, I would live in a cozy den, roam the prairies night hunting, and part of a pack where I would be understood no matter what. A far cry from meetings, weekend work and the chores of keeping a house and family going from day-to-day.

Today is a bad headache day. It doesn’t help my mood much either. So I am pretending foxes never get headaches. I can then daydream of a place where beauty, soft fur surround me,  and sinus migraines are far, far away.

What does your fox say?



P.S. Thanks to Strange Cup of Tea for the awesome fox on the home page.

P.S.S. Some Zen Foxes for your enjoyment.


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