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head grabbers

There are lots and lots of blogs and articles and books on depression, bipolar 1 and 2 and the like.  LOTS. This is a good thing. Education is key to understanding.

The unforunate fact is there are an alarming number of head grabbers nestled in articles and showing up in feeds, giving the wrong impression of what people with depression look like.  It’s petty, I know, but it bothers me.

Head Grabbers

There is some great art which shows better the emotion or lack thereof which help round out the defiinition of depression.

But often emotional does not show so obviously in those suffering.  It would be easy if depression was easily read in body language or perhaps and actual words written for people to read. “Depressed” “Angry but Sad” “Suicidal” visible on our foreheads. Depression is complicated and unique.  People suffering have unique ways of expression (or not) it, making decoding even harder for those trying to help. It takes listening, watching/observing, reading blogs, understanding, talking in degrees to see those in need. But if there is not real outward visible sign, what is there to look for in our busy lives? Many who are depressed can hide it VERY well.  I did, for decades.

The takeaway….depression is not just the easily defined head grabber.

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One comment on “head grabbers

  1. Rory
    August 29, 2015

    Yep. This shit. My head grabbing is usually reserved for migraines and the occasional panic attack.


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