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time capsule

Time Hop is an application which looks look at social transactions on the web over the years. This is a personal time screen-only_framedcapsule to share with others showing the utter greatness of your life. I see these visits to the past on my Facebook timelines full of cute kiddos, funny moments and sentimental times. Doggies, kitties, proposals and engagements put a smile on my face remembering them.  It seemed sorta cool so I downloaded it.

Each day, Time Hop collected these transactions and sent a notice to my phone. The happy dinosaur said, “Look at your past! Repost your own Throwback Thursday any day of the week!”  Too bad I can’t limit these journeys to few years back.

My notices were full of pictures and tweets from as far back as 10 years ago. Here I was, asking for that shit. Turns out, most of these social exchanges show an unhappy me, engaging in activities to alleviate my crappy marriage and constant untreated biopolar 2 existence. The look in my eyes back then didn’t do much for my daily view of life now. Why would I share this stuff again?  What would I post to with it on Facebook? “Hey! Look how far I’ve come! See my inability to do something about my situation for YEARS!?

After a week of Time Hop, I uninstalled it. Some time capsules and dinosaurs just need to remain buried for the present. Mischief managed. Not all Apps are worth it.




One comment on “time capsule

  1. Rory
    August 28, 2015

    Hugs. So many hugs. And more hugs. I’m proud of you. I love you. You are awesome. Another hug.


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