the art of mindbending

the life of zooey who happens to be Bipolar 2

version 3.0


I’ve been absent of late, so thought I’d better start tapping the keys!

It’s been a long haul, these past 2.5 years to get meds right. Trying ‘cocktail’ combinations which took many weeks to ramp up only to figure out that wasn’t going to help. Months of trying to make it day by day and not ‘do something stupid’ like check out permanently. A long, damn time.

Then last Friday at a meds assessment appointment, Dr. M, my psychiatrist, said he sees a big shift in how I look at myself and the world, like a different person. Then he called me ‘Zooey 3.0’.

Two and a half years of chemistry tweaking day-by-day, easily 7 years in today’s ‘interweb’ world of instant gratification and viral YouTube. It’s a fucking long time…and I am not the poster child of patience. I am grateful for those who have held my hand, let me cry on their shoulder and listened to me to help me through it. With out that net, there really would be no more me.

I see 3.0 as a fresh start on the rest of life. Lots has changed for me over that timeframe. A divorce, remarrying, learning to live with this disease. Here’s to hoping third time’s a charm.
Looking ahead,
“You can do a lot in a lifetime
If you don’t burn out too fast
You can make the most of the distance
First you need endurance
First you’ve got to last…”
– Marathon by Rush



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