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We have many kinds of habits. Some are healthy…and others are not.  Some we cannot stop. Others we can conquer once and for all.  For me, good habits often need to be developed over time, through trial and error, through dogged persistence and tenacity.  When mood swings happen, good or bad, I can drop a great habit like a hot potato.  Go figure.   Funny how that is, the negative/bad habit is easy to slide into and keep and horrible to squash.  The quote “Old habits die hard” has been around for good reason.

One thing I try very hard to do regardless is to say ‘I love you’.   This is partly because I am a closer (one who needs to close out conversations and not leave subjects hanging).  I also think it is important when helping love grow in all forms.  I make sure I say it to my dear hubby and dear daughter when we say goodbye on phones, in IMs,  in person randomly,  when we say goodnight and other times. I do this with other family and friends, too.

Imagine my surprise when my daughter says after dinner tonight, “I love you…we don’t say that enough in this house.”

At first I was irked thinking of all the times I say it to her during a day.  Cripes, maybe she wasn’t listening to me at all.  For a split second I was pretty bummed about that.  Then I had a V8 moment!  Kapanga! Right in the middle of my forehead!  Just like the V8 commercials like the one below.

So after self-palming my forehead, I realized what she was really saying. Dear daughter just finished saying ‘I love you’ to me, then she made the comment.  It may have been about me, but it was also about how often she says it.  Either way, saying these three words to the people in your life whom you love…family and friends alike is a good habit to tend, and I plan to work in that garden every day.


V8 Commercial



3 comments on “love habits

  1. Rory
    September 11, 2013

    Very sweet. I had the same thought you did when I read her statement. I was like “derp?” I KNOW how often you say it. The only thing you say to me as often is “hugs” and you always mean both. I love you, and I’m glad your daughter is thinking about her feelings in a critical way.


  2. zooey
    September 12, 2013

    She’s a teen. I was flaky at her age. lol. I asked her later and she said, “Sometimes you don’t say it,” in her roundabout way. I guess she keeps tabs on that. I said it would be great if she didn’t wait for me to say almost every time. 🙂 Tis parenting for ya.


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