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bipolar and small steps for quality of life

I found a great article called, An Overview of Bipolar, explaining bipolar disease put out by  Here is a quote:

Bipolar disorder is the modern term for mood swings that used to be called manic depression. It is a fairly common yet serious mental illness, affecting between one and five per cent of Americans of all ages. Unfortunately there is usually a delay of several years before the diagnosis is made.

In addition, the site has another article called, 10 Small Steps You Can Take Today to Improve Bipolar Disorder, containing helpful advice for those with bipolar looking to improve their quality of life.  One section notes:

Another way is to take a mindful walk. “Instead of letting your thoughts wander like you normally would, focus on the walk: the feel of your feet hitting the ground, the movement of your body, the things you’re seeing and hearing around you, and so on.” When your mind naturally wanders, simply bring it back to the here and now, and again, accept whatever enters.

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